Friday, October 17, 2008

Nakakatax Refund Naman Yan, Te...

This is the first time I ever had fun with my earnings and yes we all received our tax refund after a million months of complaining about the large amount of tax deduction on our monthly wages. What else can you do with the money but spend it. Right?

Yes, I finally am opening a bank account named after me. I’ve been planning to save some of my earnings even before I received the life-changing tax refund.

I also had a chance to pursue my charitable plans of sharing some of it to my sister, who asks for a complete set of church uniform, and my brother who badly need my financial assistance. I can't discuss it here coz I don’t want to sound like I’m exposing my brothers mismanaged life. I am only disturbed after seeing him on a scrawny-look the last time I visited my family in BICOL. I was even blown out with tears when I saw him on that situation. I admit, we didn’t get along that much because his heart refuses to love a homosexual brother but it doesn’t mean I have to give him the same treatment. I should be mad at him but I set that aside coz he needed my hand. And so I did and it felt different. I really have a heart of a loving brother, though I never asked him to love me back but at least respect me for who I am and what I decided to become. Anyway, the food for his family is secured for at least a month. That is the help I can give out for now. If I got more, then ill give more. That’s a promise.

Art is not made to just sit back after receiving his cash, of course, I shop! Shop here, shop there, shop everywhere. I stroll around the mall gliding like I was born to shop to death. Hahahahaha. Just kidding. I just had some speakers for my CREATIVE ZEN VISION W, had my phone fixed for my SUN CELLULAR number, updated my toiletries, bought myself a traveling bag so I can carry everything I need in just one carriage. Of course, got some nice colorful undies from where else can you buy best quality, hip and fashionable inner wears but BENCH. I got three of them, the colorful ones. And you know me; I won’t stop shopping without getting something for my beloved Arnell. ROCA has this white muscle shirt with faces of models printed on it, a perfect gift for him. I even got one for myself too, a month ago.

It all happened in a day.

And the next day, everybody wears a new look. NAKAKATAX REFUND LOOK.


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- maida - said...

winner 'te...nakakatax refund talaga...hahaha!