Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It was perhaps one of the most unstable emotional out bursts i had after knowing that My Friend Anna has it. Yes, my friend is suffering from Cancer. It was too painful for us, her friends, to accept that she has it. We went to the point of questioning God, why Anna? From the thousands of sinners of the city, why allow C to victimized such a wonderful person with no hatred in her heart but love and joy? If it was dreadful for us, it was excruciating for her mom and her family. She has been telling stories about her mom and her breakdowns from all the tests done. It was not easy for Anna see her mom dealing with her Cancer. But we support her.

Before she was diagnosed to have it, her earlier diagnosis was myoma. She is going to have it removed or a total hysterectomy. Anna is a big fan of children. And with it, she’d love to bear a child and have her own. It was uneasy for her to accept it but "what the heck", she said.. "kung talagang hindi eh di wag.. It has to be removed but before operation she has to have clearance thats when the doctors found out about the tumors in the liver. After months of tests ,laboratories, ct scan, biopsy, 2nd opinion in the US, it was then when the doctor told her she has cancer, neuroendoctrine tumor in the pancreas which already metastasize in her liver.

She was different from all the cancer victims I know. Never had she ever shed tears over her situation, but stand tall and strong against it. She didn’t know how to react when her doctor told her about her illness. We also deny it. To the point of celebrating it over pizza and pasta.. "Tara nga mga bakla, Shakeys tayo!"

Her family never failed to support her. Her uncle said, "If there we cannot do anything about it, but fight for it. So instead of questioning God why Her?, we should use the time doing what is need to be done.. “And I agree. So Anna had her first Chemo and we were there.

Anna is still on the battle against Cancer. Her family and her friends are there to support her with this battle. And we know Anna is strong enough to fight it. Go Anna!

Today is her 29th birthday. She is not asking for any gift but prayer. She might be strong and tough but like any other individuals, she also needs help. Anna has to recover from it. Because the world needs her. Her family and her friends need her. And she is too young to give it up. And in behalf of Anna, we are asking everyone to please have a little time to ask God for her healing. A few minutes a day is enough to convince God, Anna has to stay.

And as her friends, although she is not requesting anything from us... we are asking you to please help and support her by sharing your blessings. We are selling BALLER IDs tagged "i-cancervive". For a price of Php100.00, you can be a part of her battle against Cancer. The proceeds will be used for her chemotherapy and other medical procedures. Ask your friends and mates to support Anna by wearing one baller in each arm.

For Orders:
Name: Mitch Canimo
YM id: mitchcanimo
Email: rmitchel_26@yahoo.com
Cellphone number: +639212654877

Please be a great help to others.

And Anna.. we will all fight this battle for you, so stay strong... We love you girl...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Alone... and happy

this will be my new daily routine. from home to the office and back

What’s up with me? Nothing much, except that after x months of planning about it, I am finally moving out of my old apartment, all by myself, in a small private room in Oranbo near Dunkin Donuts and Watson, where I will be living with no one else, doing what a lonely happy person like me does. The truth is, I have no problems sharing a shelter with other people, and I even tried it for more than a year. But we sometimes found ourselves too consumed with our presence and begun hurting each other emotionally. And before we really hate each other to the fullest, I decided to move out. Lets face it, some people who are working great as friends and officemates, are not meant to dwell under one roof. That reality led me to Oranbo, the street of lonely but happy people...

Wish me luck...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thou Shall Not Fear Singlehood

I was not looking for something when I found this draft on my email. I made it three years ago. And I guess its about time to you hear it. I cannot really believe it that I can really write something like this. lolx,.. just read it.

"While you are single, try looking at the bright side of it. You are free. You are completely in the driver’s seat, running your own vehicle. You have all the chances to meet new faces out of different places. You have all the time to discover your talents, skills and potential. You are in control of yourself. Try not to zero down on your life being single.

Relationship is not the only source of happiness. It has different forms and has many sources, like family, friends and the things around you. You may not see em because you are busy looking for a man whom you can call your boyfriend, struggling so hard to be in a relationship. What a desperate act. And surely you dont deserve it. NO!

Don’t over speed, if it’s not the right time for you to have a relationship, so be it. Because if you find someone just to satisfy your desperate need of a relationship, you may find the available guy (commonly known as mr. right now) but not the right guy. This will end into more painful situation, inflicting more sufferings to yourself. You might end up in a pure unadulterated self abuse or self sabotage.

Everything has its proper moment. Like a rose bud, its blooms at the right time. Never look for someone out of the desperation of having a boyfriend. Because committing in a relationship requires acceptance. Wait for the right time when someone will offer himself to you, to love you, care for you and to completely accept you of who you are. He is around you somewhere unseen by your eyes. You do not have a bf because he might be busy looking for you. Or when he was there knocking at your door, you are outside your house looking for someone else. Stay and wait. He will soon find you.

Try to wait for the right time. Love comes along when you least expect it. And when the right time comes, you will definitely have the satisfaction from the right kind of love you just need. Trust me, I’ve been to that but never did I look for someone to love. I just waited patiently. And when he knocks at my door, I was home to open, to welcome him inside me. And here I am, happy and proud to say, I am committed! Maybe I’m not that good looking but is loved by the one I love."

My relationship with LUELL was over.. three years ago. I am with another man right now. Someone i really really adore and care about. ... You know who this guy is right? I am proud of my relationship with Arnell.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Papalicious Conviction

It was one the boring days that I decided to scan some of my DVD collections with a hope to find a good watch. Then, I happen to realize I’ve been buying DVDs that I don’t actually watch. Maybe because I consume most of my free time playing with my PSP (how can i get so anti-social?) or maybe too lame to start another series which I know, would stop me from sleeping for days. So, I found a treasure on Lipstick Jungle I bought two months ago. (I am not sure)

I read about it and found out that the writer who wrote my old time favorite Sex and the City is same writer of the Lipstick Jungle. Because I love it her so much, I decided to give it a shot. A shot that remained to be a plan for months but was pushed through last night.

I didn’t like the first episode coz I thought it was boring. But after watching the second one, the series finally got me hooked. I ended up sleeping at 2 am but still feeling great waking up at 7am. I love the people, the characters, the place (its New York for God sake), the music (which terrifically fascinated me because I actually feel good listening to it while watching them move on the screen) and the men... (Yummilicous Papilicious men I should say)

And because I love you guys, (though I hate sharing my men) I’d like you to meet the newest certified member of my very own HMMMN PAPI list. ROBERT BUCKLEY. (Don’t you just love to see him shirtless?)

Drool over guys, I am having his babies soon.

Did I mention to you that I crushed on Hugh Jackman once? No, I didn’t? Oh yeah, I didn’t made it official because he is maybe too old for me. And I passed by the Lipstick Jungle and met this young and hot Robert, who I know is also full of c*m. Oh I’m sorry about that. I see a young Hugh Jackman on him but that’s not how I like him. Just look at him… and you’ll see why. This guy made me hate shirts. I love seeing men without it. Bwahahaha..

I know you want more. So here's more.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Money Cant Buy Love But Can Buy Happiness

ill be a millionare soon.. watch out..

No matter how you consider yourself a happy person, because you are surrounded with happy carefree individuals, there will always come a time when you will find yourself alone, staring at the blank ceiling, thinking about the not-so-glorious side of your life. This scenario visited me early this morning. I suddenly miss my life in Bicol, my mom, my dad and my sisters.

With these longing thoughts in my head, I decided to give my sister a ring just to cure this loneliness for a family. It was a relief, and I thank you SUN CELLULAR for bringing my family closer despite the distance.

I am however haunted with what my sister told me. “The bigger you receive, the bigger your expenses will be...” And this message rings the alarm. I've been denying this painful truth for months and here comes the acceptance part. Yes, I’ve been receiving a lot, and also spending too much. Do these things go hand in hand?

When I was in home my land, I am used to receive only a quarter of what I am receiving right now, yet I stayed satisfied with the things I can buy from that four digit salary. As a normal person, I aim to heighten up my wage so I decided to include myself to the bunch of hopeful travellers here in Manila, to have a new life and to be with the man I love as well. And because I live closer to Mr. Luck, the relocation thingy turned out successful. I am receiving four times bigger than my provincial rated income several glorious months ago.

The irony of it however is that, among the saddest of the saddest days of my life, this is the first time I ever experience being drought for like a month. Yes, I don’t have much money in my bank and my wallet also misses his bulge, yet i stayed fabulously beautiful. I cannot even buy the second hand OLYMPIC EDITION LENOVO E390 I really am dying to havr. What the fuck!

Lesson: It is maybe normal for a person to look for more if they think they can afford more and they deserve more. However, it is not bad to think about SAVING some. Okay, I may sound like a blabbing momma on an early morning month end, but this is actually true. I just wish I can restart doing it this summer. In fact, I know I can slow down on purchasing shirts online; spend unnecessarily on food that actually bloats me to this depressing size, and buy my favorite TV series. Or maybe I can trade that last resolution to just stop malling. I mean… Just this one, please? I love Sex and the City, and I need to buy the complete seven seasons. I think that made sense.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Reason Why People Resign...

If working on your present job is starting to feel hard as looking for a new one, get the hell out of it. And I am a believer, but don’t hate my job. I even love doing product descriptions. I just hate some people around me. And I want them to disappear. If I only have selective vision, where I can set my eyes to see only the people I like and deselect those I hate. Grrr.. Can you just f*cking disappear, Assholes?!!!

I mean please…

Saturday, April 4, 2009


How are they related? Magkamukha di ba??