Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Money Cant Buy Love But Can Buy Happiness

ill be a millionare soon.. watch out..

No matter how you consider yourself a happy person, because you are surrounded with happy carefree individuals, there will always come a time when you will find yourself alone, staring at the blank ceiling, thinking about the not-so-glorious side of your life. This scenario visited me early this morning. I suddenly miss my life in Bicol, my mom, my dad and my sisters.

With these longing thoughts in my head, I decided to give my sister a ring just to cure this loneliness for a family. It was a relief, and I thank you SUN CELLULAR for bringing my family closer despite the distance.

I am however haunted with what my sister told me. “The bigger you receive, the bigger your expenses will be...” And this message rings the alarm. I've been denying this painful truth for months and here comes the acceptance part. Yes, I’ve been receiving a lot, and also spending too much. Do these things go hand in hand?

When I was in home my land, I am used to receive only a quarter of what I am receiving right now, yet I stayed satisfied with the things I can buy from that four digit salary. As a normal person, I aim to heighten up my wage so I decided to include myself to the bunch of hopeful travellers here in Manila, to have a new life and to be with the man I love as well. And because I live closer to Mr. Luck, the relocation thingy turned out successful. I am receiving four times bigger than my provincial rated income several glorious months ago.

The irony of it however is that, among the saddest of the saddest days of my life, this is the first time I ever experience being drought for like a month. Yes, I don’t have much money in my bank and my wallet also misses his bulge, yet i stayed fabulously beautiful. I cannot even buy the second hand OLYMPIC EDITION LENOVO E390 I really am dying to havr. What the fuck!

Lesson: It is maybe normal for a person to look for more if they think they can afford more and they deserve more. However, it is not bad to think about SAVING some. Okay, I may sound like a blabbing momma on an early morning month end, but this is actually true. I just wish I can restart doing it this summer. In fact, I know I can slow down on purchasing shirts online; spend unnecessarily on food that actually bloats me to this depressing size, and buy my favorite TV series. Or maybe I can trade that last resolution to just stop malling. I mean… Just this one, please? I love Sex and the City, and I need to buy the complete seven seasons. I think that made sense.

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