Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Soak Up The Sun: The Anak Ng Pasig Summer Weekend @ Pangasinan

And Yes!!! We went to Pangasinan to have fun fun fun and we sure had lots of it.
Sobra… Kahit Alam Kong Hindi Na Tama…

Take a look at these pictures to experience the fun we enjoyed and the fun that you missed.. hahahahahaha!!!

Kahit mga lalaki naging bakla na rin.. bwahahahahaha

The Sexiest Photo Next To Mine.. lolx

This is not a Save-The-Endangered-Species Campaign...

Beating the summer heat

Sitting right next to a certified HMMM PAPI

Having a lot of fun fun fun

We dont intend to be sexier than the BENCH AD

Oh la la!!!

And the best part is.....

I didn’t get that PENSHOPPE AD look I really want that I will soon regret. Thanks to the maximum sun protection of the BEACH HUT MAX, the only sunblock spray that has SPF 75 plus, for preserving my fair skin.

Next stop? Pack your sunblock and sunglasses guys as we all get another bumpy ride to…… Zambales!!! Yohoooo!!!!

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Dyoza said...

Ay naloka ako!!! gaganda ng pics, nadeadma ang ganda ng nature!! AWARD WINNING TALGA KAYO!!! Up for you and jheighs... Miss you gals!!!