Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Papalicious Conviction

It was one the boring days that I decided to scan some of my DVD collections with a hope to find a good watch. Then, I happen to realize I’ve been buying DVDs that I don’t actually watch. Maybe because I consume most of my free time playing with my PSP (how can i get so anti-social?) or maybe too lame to start another series which I know, would stop me from sleeping for days. So, I found a treasure on Lipstick Jungle I bought two months ago. (I am not sure)

I read about it and found out that the writer who wrote my old time favorite Sex and the City is same writer of the Lipstick Jungle. Because I love it her so much, I decided to give it a shot. A shot that remained to be a plan for months but was pushed through last night.

I didn’t like the first episode coz I thought it was boring. But after watching the second one, the series finally got me hooked. I ended up sleeping at 2 am but still feeling great waking up at 7am. I love the people, the characters, the place (its New York for God sake), the music (which terrifically fascinated me because I actually feel good listening to it while watching them move on the screen) and the men... (Yummilicous Papilicious men I should say)

And because I love you guys, (though I hate sharing my men) I’d like you to meet the newest certified member of my very own HMMMN PAPI list. ROBERT BUCKLEY. (Don’t you just love to see him shirtless?)

Drool over guys, I am having his babies soon.

Did I mention to you that I crushed on Hugh Jackman once? No, I didn’t? Oh yeah, I didn’t made it official because he is maybe too old for me. And I passed by the Lipstick Jungle and met this young and hot Robert, who I know is also full of c*m. Oh I’m sorry about that. I see a young Hugh Jackman on him but that’s not how I like him. Just look at him… and you’ll see why. This guy made me hate shirts. I love seeing men without it. Bwahahaha..

I know you want more. So here's more.

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