Friday, May 15, 2009

Thou Shall Not Fear Singlehood

I was not looking for something when I found this draft on my email. I made it three years ago. And I guess its about time to you hear it. I cannot really believe it that I can really write something like this. lolx,.. just read it.

"While you are single, try looking at the bright side of it. You are free. You are completely in the driver’s seat, running your own vehicle. You have all the chances to meet new faces out of different places. You have all the time to discover your talents, skills and potential. You are in control of yourself. Try not to zero down on your life being single.

Relationship is not the only source of happiness. It has different forms and has many sources, like family, friends and the things around you. You may not see em because you are busy looking for a man whom you can call your boyfriend, struggling so hard to be in a relationship. What a desperate act. And surely you dont deserve it. NO!

Don’t over speed, if it’s not the right time for you to have a relationship, so be it. Because if you find someone just to satisfy your desperate need of a relationship, you may find the available guy (commonly known as mr. right now) but not the right guy. This will end into more painful situation, inflicting more sufferings to yourself. You might end up in a pure unadulterated self abuse or self sabotage.

Everything has its proper moment. Like a rose bud, its blooms at the right time. Never look for someone out of the desperation of having a boyfriend. Because committing in a relationship requires acceptance. Wait for the right time when someone will offer himself to you, to love you, care for you and to completely accept you of who you are. He is around you somewhere unseen by your eyes. You do not have a bf because he might be busy looking for you. Or when he was there knocking at your door, you are outside your house looking for someone else. Stay and wait. He will soon find you.

Try to wait for the right time. Love comes along when you least expect it. And when the right time comes, you will definitely have the satisfaction from the right kind of love you just need. Trust me, I’ve been to that but never did I look for someone to love. I just waited patiently. And when he knocks at my door, I was home to open, to welcome him inside me. And here I am, happy and proud to say, I am committed! Maybe I’m not that good looking but is loved by the one I love."

My relationship with LUELL was over.. three years ago. I am with another man right now. Someone i really really adore and care about. ... You know who this guy is right? I am proud of my relationship with Arnell.

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