Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why Worry About 2009?

with an out of bed look.. i took this picture with my Nokia 6220 classic with Carl Zeiss optics. Set at 5 megapix with xenon flash on, at close up mode, red-eye off..

Oh yeah,… I am having the longest vacation right now. For someone who’d been working his ass out for a year, I deserve to have a long long holiday. This is my sort of a retreat from the outside world. That is why I decided to spend the entire marvelous eleven days of doing nothing but sleep, eat, go out and have fun, with my partner, so I can really get the juice out of that fabulousity. I am actually having an ORGASM, feeling so good about this year-end-holiday.

I don’t wanna think about 2009, my hypothalamus is exaggerating my emotions towards it. And yeah, I am still serving that revulsion over the #9 for no reason. I just hate the number. Number 9 for me is a horror. F(“,)ck you!

Still drooling over having my own laptop before the year ends. I provided myself well with the things I “OHHH” and “AHHH” this year. Like the air con I bought for our before-not-but-now-peaceful apartment. I also had 8 phones this year, two of which are given by my partner. The 6120 I like and the 6220 I like a lot. My CREATIVE ZEN VISION W which was also donated by my partner. A portable DVD/TV/USB player that I also gave one for my partner. Clothes, I mean lots of it. SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. A BED. And a LOT MORE.

Though I feel bumpy in 2009. I still look at the bright side. I am alive, with a good life, a loving dedicated partner, a job, fabulous friends, the universe… what should I worry about?


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Rashid said...

wow.. long vacation talaga.. ako, pumasok pa last 27, tapos sa 2 naman..