Monday, June 16, 2008


A very disturbing fact hits me to today. I am FAT… after months of convincing myself it’s OKAY to be FAT, it took its toll as it ends today. I am finally decided to trim my extra flab off.

I don’t care about what other people think about me, they can always try to make me feel bad about how I appear, but I won’t allow them to hurt me. I am always confident that I may not look like a celebrity but I am definitely better looking than YOU, unless you are Brad Pitt or Roel Cesar Cabbab. I am submitting myself to working out and ill cut my bad eating habits off my daily routine and that is eating only the boring ones… or ill probably just sleep when I am hungry… to be in shape after 2 months. That’s a MISSION.

If Ed Norton asks me for a date, I will never say NO, a thought after watching the INCREDIBLE HULK. My lips are way better than LIV TYLER. Okey, I am delusional.. Just don’t give me that nod… Please? Lolx

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