Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Passion Vers Les Voitures

Sitting here, staring at my desktop, wondering how the world turned me from a nurse-to-be with a purpose-driven life to a full-pledge-online car parts catalog developer. Not bad at all. Even during my childhood days, I remember asking my mom about getting a toy car, a sporty one, as a gift for my natal day. My mom and I are super close, so the first person to know I’m DIFFERENT would be her. My MOM! And also the reason why I didn’t get the sporty toy car I want for my birthday. But it didn’t stop from liking it. I received 5 boring "well-loved" fairy tale books that I didn’t even bother reading. In case you want to know.

I grew up with yearning for cars but I chose to hide it coz I know, no one from my family would be thrilled knowing that i do, so I put it in a lunch box and let it rot. I grew up, went to college, graduated as a midwife and a nurse but here I am, working as a CATALOG DEVELOPER in a famous online car parts store.

I started working in my company on 2006 as a Marketing Analyst. My passion toward cars awakes after a long sleep. I just got 89 from a 100-item test evaluation. Pretty nice for a Nurse Graduate huh?

I just love cars.. and I’m getting one before I die.. a sporty one… maybe tomorrow? hehehe

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