Friday, January 16, 2009


Making a resolution every time a New Year approaches is maybe one among the things I am trying to get away with this year. Yeah, I am not going to jot down my New Year resolution… or maybe that’s one.

My New Year resolution is to avoid making one... make sense to me.

Only a few changes this year, but changes are not resolution.

I am ready to be mean again. I miss bullying around like the way I did in college. I miss being hated by everybody. I am finally saying goodbye to MR. NICE GUY and welcoming back the old BITCHY me. This is so exciting.

I was recently introduced to this GILBEY’S PREMIUM STRENGTH with GREEN TEA EXTRACT that definitely brought back my lost passion towards alcohol. And yeah, I admit, 2008 was a little boring for me. Too much party I missed, because of my unwillingness to get drunk. And yeah I hated GIN so much, but loving it again after binging over GPS last night. I’d like to keep some on my fridge. I am not inviting you in. duh!

I am keeping some friends and throw away the unnecessary ones. I just thought about the importance of having a huge time for myself (one thing I forgot to give too much to, last year) and not for thinking about how to keep friends. I don’t need more. I only need the well-off ones. I’ll try to get those filthy riches in my bag so I can use them anytime I need one. In fact, I need a lot of gadgets. And I need more donations.

I am just tired of being nice. People used me because I am, so decided to stop… and its pay back time. I am consuming the entire year making my enemies hate their lives, to make them regret living. I will do every evil thing to make them miserable. That is a promise.

So beware.

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