Friday, February 20, 2009

.. to the dyozas...

sorry naman stella and mich.. wala kayo dito.. umuwi kasi kayo agad..

I have been bugged lately by the reality that every friendship has to undergo a certain rough to be tough. And it became true to me after meeting my new peers. I don’t have to name them coz they know who they are and how special they are to me, next to my partner and my family.

Ok, I am materialistic, hard core social climber, self-centered, self-absorbed, blah blah.. name it... but being a plastic, I am not a big fan of, the reason why I really find it easy to stick to friends because i am not one big hell of a plastic. And yes, I am choosy when it comes to the people I wanna be with, every single day of my fcuking life. So, if you become my friend, you are great.

I am not really looking for someone who’s… very… hahaha... What I'd like to meet are those who can embrace me at my worst, and still find reasons to like me. I am a very transparent. Hiding emotions is not in my genes. Anything that comes out from me is what comes from the very core of my MEAN (which is never an issue) personality.

I am one of the few people with a grandiose case of narcissism. You'll always see me all over the place, like I want to be the subject of any discussion.. good or bad. I was born and was raised by my family to be a bitch, and they succeeded. That.. I don’t deny.

So, loving me as a friend is really a life-threatening decision and staying with me is a humongous sign of an exceptional endurance. Bless are those who become my friends. I thank them for the undying patience. Its not really easy being my buddy, my friends know that. So, I thank you with all of my heart... (even if i dont have one).

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