Monday, March 9, 2009

A Movie Review

Its not that I hate the movie, I was only expecting too much from it, so I end up disappointed. I thought this film comes next to TRANSFORMERS, the last super hero film that knocks me off my entire self. WATCHMEN is not a movie that your kids should watch. It is actually a mature film that talks about sex crimes, American-Soviet war issues and all the likes. There are also some explicit conversations that are only suite for adults. Dr. Manhattan also had several genital exposures on the entire movie. Plus the nipple exposure of Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl II during the making love scene might be exciting for adults but might turn out a little disturbing for young movie goers. So, this is not like X-Men or Superman but a simple PG-13 film.

It was not a superhero film, but a sluggish film version of the 1985 WATCHMEN comic series. Two hours and forty-five minutes is too lengthy which made the film boring. Gossips are spreading over the net that the writer actually dislikes how the movie was made and even the ones who actually read the book were totally disappointed how it was translated to a motion picture.

The effects were flawlessly done. At least they found the right team to make it a little realistic. The characters were able to portray their roles effectively. The costumes and settings are just superb. I have no negatives for that. The cinematography is brilliant and I guess the 1980’s setting is the best choice for the film. I’ll add more Kudos for the unpredictable ending that literally left my heart pounding for hours. Bravo!!!

My verdict? One star for the actors, story writer, costume and setting, and the staff who made the film at least a little exciting. A wrapped-up four stars for the WATCHMEN movie.

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