Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaja

Jaja is not just a typical “VAVABOOM” with fierce personality, big boobies and voluptuous body, but a woman with a big heart as well. A natural-born cool-hearted individual who believes that love is the purpose of her creation. She is never afraid to express what she feels, translate it in words and spill it whenever she feels the need to. Dapat nga nireregaluhan ng brake fluid yan eh at ng magkaron naman ng preno minsan ang bunganga.. bwahahahahaha..

She loves entertainment. Artista, Commercial model, Sex bomb dancers.. lahat ng lumalabas sa TV at pelikula, gusting gusto nya yan. So, you will never see her sad as she loves being amused.. lalong lalo na siguro kapag sinayawan ng pagiling-giling na si OLIVER. Charoshness lang.

A girl with a very positive personality who deserves to have a group of fabulous friends like us, who loves her just the way she is and what she will become.

She also loves SEEEEXXX more she ever love her dress right now. (insert evil face) Kaya lang wala pa syang napipiling kapartner sa larangang ito. bwahahahaha. Ngayun, hanggang sa kwentuhan na lang muna. bwahahahaha!!!

dahil dyan... I wish her to finally find the prince who is willing to climb up her tower, and travel thru her long hair (na sya lang actually ang nagcreate at sinuportahan naman namin). A guy who likes being with her, loves her like the way her friends do, and accepts everything about her.

And of course, to live longer to serve the purpose of her existence. God bless you!!!

Happy Happy Birthday, JAJA..

We love you gurl…



niki said...

Happy birthday Jaja love -- our sunshine, our yellow brick road, our Alice in wonderland!!! *power hug!!!*

ANNA said...

Ang pinaka bakla sa mga Diozah's!!!
ang babaeng walang preno...
babaeng makipot...

dont ever change, because we love you just the way you are

isa pa..

nothing will ever be the same without you..

i love you!!