Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look, I Am An Avatar!!!

I had one of the most boring days of my life last Sunday morning. I was the only one in the room aside from of course, my husband who had been sleeping quietly for hours, because he thinks he had to, for the achievement of his so-called “old man that dwells in a young body” look. (that he failed to don’t have, or maybe he looks so lip-smacking for me coz I love him more than you do. Everybody loves my husband) I tried to close my eyes and get more sleep but I just couldn’t.

So, I hurried up, stood on my ass and fed my eyes with the boring and was written-by-mistake, self-declared unedited blogs of my fellow officemate, (who, we think should blog in Filipino which is OK for a non-writer who wants to do blogs and we understand her if she effectively write them in her native tongue.)

After, squeezing my asshole from that crispy laughs that I just had, I landed on a website called FACE YOUR MANGA. A cool do-it-yourself-site to where I instantly become a perfect avatar maker. Just take a look at how cute I can be if I am an avatar. Tadaaaahhh!!!!

Isn’t that gorgeous? Now, you can make your own. Make sure you are bored enough to do it. Now, click this to enjoy Facing Your Manga.

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