Monday, August 11, 2008

The Not-So-Impressive Side of the iPhone 3G

I just had the freshest August 2008 edition of my hubby’s favorite Gadget Magazine, T3. We may not own everything inside but at least we are updated about the hottest and the not-so-hot gadgets on the market. Of course, my heart is still drooling to own the Fuji Finepix F100FD, but is no longer interested on getting the iPhone 3G.

Apple announced the highly sophisticated and most anticipated come back of its iPhone. Now moving on with its full renovations handling a 3G network they failed to include on the first release. Hurray for Apple!!! For finally realizing that most cell phones companies are making it a standard feature.

“Twice as Fast, Half the Price.” I just hope it applies here in the Philippines. I am expecting a price hike of P20k or higher.

It was brilliant that the new iPhone is bulkier than the first one, making it easier to handle. It also boasts its Wifi Application that can connect to Wifi networks in 4 sec. This means, you can seat back and enjoy the coach potato time while watching some flicks on Youtube. Also a great gadget for online chat and emails.

However, I am more depressed than impressed. While Nokia, SE, Moto and other famous cell phone companies are aiming to produce a phone with 8 megapixels this year, Apple seems to be so comfortable with its 2.0 megapixel. And spending a huge amount of more than P40k on a phone with irreplaceable li-ion battery, no expandable memory, no video and no MMS is a complete waste of bucks.

I am not getting one for myself.

And by the way, its HANS MORTEL and ATE GAY’S NATAL DAY today. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I made ate gay cry this morning when I greeted her with a wish.