Thursday, July 31, 2008

Donation Please

My future luscious voluptuous extended curl lashes with John Lloyd Cruz

I had the most intensive type of self control yesterday, when nikki and I had a stroll along the voyeur ways of Robinsons Galleria. She opted to buy a pair of stiletto for her cousin but failed. You can ask her why. Hehehe. We landed on several shops that sell most of my well-loved items like the colorful fashionable watches from MINT which I really “heart” a lot. I felt depressed that I was financially challenged by these watches that cost only P350.00. Am I not paid enough or I just need a good paying extra job?

Seriously, I have to tighten my belt this season coz I paid for my bugging monthly debts. I am paid more than what most of the employed Filipinos get but still, I find myself running out of finances. Just like some of my fellow officemates, I also question why do we have to pay much on our basic needs? Why do we have to work a lot and earn only enough? Why do we have to ask about these things all the time and still end up unresolved?

We also had a chance to visit D VISAGE, found at the lower ground floor of the mall, to inquire about the LASH extension, one of the modifications I am oohhhing to have. I wish, someone with a good heart would give me cash so I can have the treatment for free.

A small amount of P2,000.00 would not cause a huge loss in your wallet. You can send me a private message so I can give my ATM account number. Bwahahahaha. I just need a change.


Dyoza said...

Hahaha.. I think I can give an alternative for that.. It will only cost you 100 pesos!!! I think it is commonly known as Pilikmata ng Kabayo?? hahahah.. oopss wrong use pala.. Harhar!!!

M. F. Victori said...

paka k bakla..desperada??