Saturday, September 13, 2008


It took me a million years to post another blog entry. And yes, I went to Bicol, spent some quality time with my family and friends who had been really dieting a lot. I feel their junks on me. Everybody is skinny, why am I fat? After living like a millionaire in my home town, I am back in the metropolis with nothing but clothes, myself and some nuts (some in my head while others were sweetened).

Not to mention my first ever travel by the sky. My dream is for SPERMAN to rescue me and fly me to the moon. I am 25, and yet I still hold a childish fear. And yes I am acrophobic. A special thanks to Melvin, who was with me at my first air trip with fear, I am slowly getting over.

Just like the virgin-looking half-virgin Myda, I am also loaded with too much work. So, some may be expecting something explosive from this new blog entry. It may not be but I sure did have the most outrageous laugh yesterday.

One from the million lazy days at the office, the MUG shot addict and LOMOGRAPHIC ARTS ASSOCIATION certified cam whore, The Star of “blogspotting..”, Nikki asked me to check my YM list for an award winning status message from our previous officemate in Legazpi. Blame our dirty minds for laughing out loud. Brace yourselves guys and here it is!!!


And also one of our team mates offered him self to the hungry girl, but fail in the end with the girl’s fear to get a “tinga.”

Gaano ba kaliit yan jerjer? Parang dental floss lang, na pwede mong ipasok sa gitna ng dalawang nag uumpugang ipin? Hahahahahaha. Next time, be a little nosey, DUMBELINA.. bwahahaha

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