Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a clone of an angel

You are looking at future culprit of me and my partners break-up. And yes, you are looking at one of the most blessed men of the world. People knew him as Kyle XY, my freshest newest love interest. Look at those eyes, you might want to seat around and stare at his face forever. Come here, sit beside me and feed our slobbering minds with his OH-MY-GOD image.

I just can’t get enough of this addiction. I binge too much to it. Once I plug the dvd player and start with a plan to stimulate melatonin production by watching KYLE XY, I always end up with a never ending dvd marathon. The urge is so uncontrollable. Every episode, every new revelation brings out a non-explainable force the pushes me to watch the next episode.. Then the next one.. Until I don’t get enough rest. Go to the office after an hour of sleep, with his images in my brain. Now tell me I’m a junkie.

I am currently watching the 8th episode of its season two. And I wanna go home to finish the entire season. And then die waiting for the third season to finally end, so I can buy the dvd version, to continue the undying KYLE XY marathon.

Its not only the MATT DALLAS that I watch out to, it’s the story of the series. It talks about how hard it is to not have your own family. The last two episodes of the first season made me burst out with tears. I was touched when Kyle had to leave the Trager family to discover his origin. I just love how the story goes aside from the so innocent drool-over -my-hot -body looks of my future fiancĂ© Matt Dallas.

I just had enough blahs for today. I am looking forward to go home tonight and finish the remaining 20 episodes of the season two.

And of course, I can't trade my Arnell for a "him". I still love my partner, no matter how good looking Matt is.

Ooppss don’t give me that look.. napakajudgemental mo naman te. Attorney ka ba dati?

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bernadetth said...

di ako judgemental
gusto ko lang mgcomment
at nawindang ako don ha