Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I promised Jhigs, my fellow kapapananampalataya that I’ll be promoting his PUTOPAO BUSSINESS here at my blogspot. I hurried up, made an advertisement. After some click here and type there. Here it is.

“Tired of going out of the office every morning for breakfast? You don’t have to walk a mile because now, you can just seat back, do your work while enjoying your breakfast at the same time!

Introducing, the best tasting PUTOPAO, a pride of Laguna. A Putopao like you’ve never tasted. Made from high quality wheat flour from Davao, filled with soft beef muscles that'll sure boost your eating appetite and will definitely make you ask for more, packed with more vitamins and minerals to fulfill your daily nutritional needs, BFAD approved with no therapeutic effects, less carb, less fat, less sugar, less calorie, just enough to sustain a healthy diet, not only that, the dough is added with 5% powdered glutathione and vitamin c that works hand in hand to give you that whiter and youthful skin, you’ve always wanted, with a full day money-back guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for? Send your orders now to experience the once in a lifetime indulgence, and we’ll be glad to deliver our very own oven-fresh PUTOPAO right at your own desk!

Orders are available while supply lasts..”

Prepare for more orders mare.

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