Monday, May 26, 2008

balls and movies

I congratulate ZIRKOH GREENHILLS for winning the Inter-Comedy Bar Volleyball Tournament. SWEET also known as John Lapus had an apparition. But after the nerve racking battle between Punchline and The Library, he left. Romel Chika and Julia Clarete were also there for the first time.

Though Vice Ganda exerted all her Horsepower towards winning the game, The Library still got the third spot making Punchline be on the fourth spot. Then Zirkoh Greenhills won the championship match scoring higher than SITCOM on the second place.

Every goes LOCO!!! Over the games.. Allan K also mentioned something about inter comedy bar basketball tournament which will be happening at the end of June of maybe the first two weeks of July. I hope this is more exciting than the volleyball. And I hope to see you there next time.

By the way, my lifetime partner and I decided to go out yesterday. I was totally disappointed about how the newest addition to INDIANA JONES films was made. The sequel is called, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The story runs like the previous sequels however, I kinda miss the action part. It feels like a coffee without sugar. But I have to mention the participation of Miss Cate Blanchett. She was able to act her German role very well with a little twist and twang that makes her speak like a genuine German chick. Makes me remember about the world's famous assassin Adolf Hitler. Ford’s acting was a little bland. He looks like sleepy or maybe sick. Is it because Harrison Ford is not as young as before? But in fairness, he managed to still hold his YUMMINESS despite his age. Yum Yum.. Anyway just my 5 cents.

My friends are inviting me to watch the premiere of SEX and THE CITY, the movie. I only wish I had a few more bucks to spend but sadly, I am on my tight state. I only have money to buy me food, and load, and clothes and OK... I am going out with my friends… and that is only if I don’t feel sleepy…

Yaaaaawwwwnnn!!!… ok I’m not coming..

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