Wednesday, May 14, 2008

too much of a good thing is bad

Smile.. Everyone can wear it but only a few gifted ones are lucky to fit to those moving facial muscles…

I forgot to brush my teeth before going to the office, today. GROSS!!! Good thing! I have spare toothbrush and toothpaste in my locker. So I can wear that perfect smile again.

Malls and Beauty shops are selling different kinds of toothpaste, even fruit flavored mouthwashes that promise to freshen breath up to 24 hours, which is actually a false credence, unless of course, you use it every hour.

COLGATE CLASSIC with REGULAR FLAVOR is my personal favorite. I used to brush my teeth whenever I have a chance. I bring my tooth care kit in the mall, in the office, in the bar or anytime and anywhere I go just to satisfy my great desire towards it. I’m so in love with the taste as well as the idea of having a clean mouth and fresh breath all the time. I thought its okay and hygienic as I wouldn’t want to be one among those who carry huge piles of stinky rubbish in their mouths. Eww!!! Until my dentist told me about this bad oral care habit.

Even commercials recommend brushing your teeth twice daily. That would be after breakfast and before bed time. My dentist told me that frequent unnecessary toothbrushing cause thinning of enamel which makes our teeth at risk to some sort of dental and gum problems. He also added something about tooth abrasion, one common cause of excessive toothbrushing. This bad habit causes receded gums, holes cut into teeth, sensitive teeth, strange esthetics and worst? Tooth loss.

And one more thing! Even excessive use of mouth wash also causes teeth discoloration, sensitive gums and other mouth sores. Some mouthwash contains certain amount of safe alcohols but can cause several harms when used abusively.

As much as I want to have a clean and fresh breath all the time, I have to cut my bad habit of indulging too much to toothbrushing… thankful here, I was corrected.

Now You Know.

I also found THIS. A Must Read.

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Pluma said...

ah ganun pala, buti na lang hindi ako nagto-tooth brush...