Friday, May 9, 2008

traffic, too much traffic


What happens if you put together freshly picked apples, sliced into cubes, garden fresh strawberries, ripe bananas, chopped into tidbits, and many more fruits, blend them together, add some sweet but non fat milk on it? It would have been a great treat for those who are oooohhing for something to cool down their hot summer.

But what happened to me is exactly the opposite. Today maybe is one among the worst days of my life. It would be great if someone offers me a delightful fruit shake to brighten up my day. What I have blended inside my brain is too much anxiety towards what I am doing right now. (I still have the FELPRO file in may face, A BIG TIME MURDERER, A DRUG LORD, An ABORTIONIST, or maybe A HARD CORE CRIMINAL to make it short). There are too many traffics going on inside my brain, even worst than the traffic we have in EDSA... I just want to relax, to find a good time. And I hope it happens tonight at Zirkoh, greenhills and KLOWNS quezon avenue. With my well loved partner Arnell Tamayo. He will be joined by ATE GAY and ROMEL CHIKA, together with the Philippines very own “comedy concert queen”, Miss Ai Ai de las Alas. If you can visit Zirkoh or KLOWNS tonight you will be a hero.

It’s a good thing Nikki, and her most sought after blogspot gives me a little reason to smile.

And also this…

.. i wish i could convert it to cash though..


Fixture said...

Cash? How about 2 teaspoons of "pleasure"? lol.

Pluma said...