Thursday, May 15, 2008


The 20 year old ANTM cycle 10 runner, Whitney Thompson from Atlantic Beach, Florida, made the biggest wave in the entire ANTM era being the very first Plus Size model Winner of the world’s famous, most sought after, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

After Tyra declared her victory over 14 aspiring girls, she said,

“There is definitely times when I looked in the mirror, or looked at other girls, and thought that I wasn’t like them. Being in little school, go into the high school, always being judged, I’m thinking, am I different? Or is there something wrong with me? No! I am here because I do feel good about myself, and I want other women in America, to feel better about themselves. I’d honestly think that girls would look up to me and say, I could do that, you know? I could be that, I don’t have to starve; I don’t have to have plastic surgery, I could really be like that, I could be on that billboard, I could be on that magazine cover, why? Because I’m beautiful, from inside out…”

“If I have breast, and I have hips and I have a butt, and I am so proud of those things, I am here, I am me and I am not going to change myself…”

Isn’t she inspiring? She is a plus size yet it never stopped her from doing what she has to do. It never did become a hindrance to the attainment of what she has been dreaming of. I love her because of that.

And from her i learned that being beautiful is not always about looking great, wearing expensive clothes and wearing make ups, it also comes from within, its an attraction, it’s a belief that translates every face into an edgy, feel good, damn beautiful physique. And if you believe you are pretty, you will never be ugly. It’s me talking…

So next time, you’ll see in a cover of a magazine.

Tha tha!!!

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Pluma said...

si tyra banks po ba ang role model ninyo tugang na art? Kung oo, kaya pala...