Tuesday, May 27, 2008

... listen

I used to be a stubborn kid with a purpose-driven life, to piss other people off. I was successful. Very successful. But you know, KARMA? My bestfriend? Hahahahaha… he was with me all the time, and it’s not healthy.

Yes, life is a bitch because I am myself is a bitch. I exist to make people hate life. Hahahahaha…

The aftermath? I heard myself singing.. “Its all coming back, all coming back to me now..” with my best friend’s constant visit. And with that I learned to tone down. Maybe because I am growing and it goes with the aging hormones. Or whatever it is, I still feel the need to grow.

I started by thinking positive. I put away my mean side and replace it with sweetness. Then I started gaining friends, I started to become a reason of everyone’s laughter. Then I realize, its more fun being nice.

It’s a positive change.
Just like what I am telling everybody.
Always be positive.
It’s maybe hard but if you get use to it, it will be easier.
Everything is easy if you think it’s easy.

I don’t want to be a stubborn kid, no more.
Stubborn kid doesn’t learn.

Some people are unlucky to miss this gift.
If you don’t know how to listen, donate mo na lang sa willing makinig!!!

And one mode thing.
Kapag pinapangaralan ka, you listen to what he is telling you.
Don’t look at the person talking.
Because if you do, the tendency is to judge him according to whom he is, without focusing on the talk he is doing.
But if you listen, and if you absorb everything by just listening and without looking, it will make you a better person. Most of the successful people I know master the Art of LISTENING. But if you don’t want to be a better person, open your eyes wide. And be miserable your entire life.

Jesus even said, “Listen to me, don’t look at me.”
Even Beyonce complains about not listening.
"All 'cause you won't listen….
And I've tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known…
You should have listened……"

I’m done talking. Will you listen?

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